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Scar tissue therapy in Fife

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About scar treatment and tissue therapy

 No matter what physical therapy intervention is used, untreated scars may thwart our best efforts to remedy related pain and restrictions in mobility. 
The effects of post-surgical scars on the human body cannot be underestimated. 
The body forms scar tissue as a natural response to trauma when the skin is lacerated or punctured either by accident or purposefully, i.e. surgery. Collagen is laid down during the repair process results in a thickened, fibrous mass that can impede the proper circulation of blood, congests lymph flow, and can even impact the range of motion. 
Additionally, the severing of delicate nerve tissue often results in dysesthesia of the scar and the adjacent surrounding tissue. As the scar is fibrous and non-elastic, it will have a dragging and pulling effect on the biomechanical function of all physiological systems, particularly the fascial membrane covering muscles, organs and glands. 
The effect of scar tissue in the physical body is just the beginning, scar tissue also has emotional and psychological impacts. Every scar represents an event that created the scar. Many of these are traumatic events:

Treatment Prices 

One treatment 45min £40.00 

course of 3 treatments £100.00 

Blended with Myofascial Realise and Lymphatic Therapy 

One treatment 60min £50.00

Course of 3 £125.00 3x60min

one treatment 


Types of scars I can treat

• Emergency life-threatening surgeries 
• War wounds 
• Personal attacks (knife wounds/bullet wounds) 
• Automobile accidents 
• Numerous other types of accidents in the home or at work 
• Non-emergency surgeries

Therapy Session

One visit and an hour later, I feel like a new woman. (Shame, my husband, says the same.) Seriously, the difference is quite remarkable, and I’ll be going back to consolidate the improvement.

I had neck and back problems, particularly in the small of my back coming from my sciatic nerve. I got Emmett treatment from Body Harmony, which was noninvasive, sorted my balance, and took away my back pain. But unexpectedly, it also sorted out a long term stomach issue and heartburn. I have no hesitation in recommending Body Harmony and the Emmett treatment to take away pain and discomfort.


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