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The Healing Project

                                                                  A NASA study has shown that the 10Hz frequency can reverse aging and promote healing. Evolutioner uses soundwaves to expose the body to the 10Hz frequency. 

The Discovery Was Made

A NASA study has shown that a 10Hz square waveform electromagnetic field signal stimulates neural stem cells. This particular signal was able to increase growth of stem cells by 400%. It was also discovered that DNA was dramatically improved where 175 maturation (aging) genes were downgraded, and 150 growth and cellular proliferation genes were enhanced. More detail on this study can be learned directly from the Studies page.

This means that it is possible for the body to be healed, and aging to be reversed with the amazing healing frequency of 10Hz. Let us explain further…



Healing Starts in the Brain


The brain is an electromagnetic field system that pulses electrical signals. These signals are called brainwaves. Brainwaves run at different speeds which are measured in frequency (Hz). The dominant speed or frequency of the brain is extremely important to one’s health. When the brain runs at a speed of 10Hz, the body is completely relaxed and stress-free. They are called Alpha brainwaves. That is one of the reasons why healing occurs in the brain and body at this particular speed.

If we can adjust the dominant speed of the brain, then we can let the brain pulse electromagnetic field signals at 10Hz. Fortunately, studies have proven that brainwaves can be safely adjusted with sound frequencies. The process is called the Frequency Following Response. Evolutioner uses this sound technology to adjust the brain’s dominant speed to the perfect 10Hz healing frequency.

In the Evolutioner program, the user listens to a 12-minute audio session every day. The 12 minutes of sound pulses a square waveform soundwave at 10Hz. The soundwave stimulates the brain at that same frequency and in return the brain pulses an electromagnetic signal of 10Hz to the entire body.

This process enables the brain to pulse the 10Hz healing frequency on its own without an outside electromagnetic signal. It therefore provides a safe and continues healing frequency throughout the entire day.


Non-User vs User

Below is a graph that shows the difference in the brainwave pattern of a non-user and an Evolutioner user. Please note that individual results may vary.


Evolutioner | Brain Power Booster


The Technology Behind It

Evolutioner uses sound frequencies to adjust the brain’s dominant speed through a complex neural process called the Frequency Following Response.

The Frequency Following Response refers to the brain’s electrical response to rhythmic sensory stimulation, such as pulses of sound or light.

When the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a pulsing tone, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical pulses. The brain synchronizes with the tone. For example: A pulsing tone of 10 beats per second will result in brainwaves pulsing an electromagnetic field signal of 10Hz.

The 10Hz frequency of the Evolutioner sessions is embedded in the background of beautiful music. The user can therefore relax and listen to 12 minutes of music while the brain starts to produce the healing frequency.

The effects of the Frequency Following Response were first discovered by Dr. Gerald Oster and reported in the October 1973 issue of Scientific American. Evolutioner has further developed this technology and created a program specifically designed to reproduce the results of the NASA study.


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