Been going to Trudi for about 2-3 years now I get a bit of everything done from scar tissue therapy to Emmet to Reiki tothe new therapy Trudi has found snd due to my stroke and old horse and work injuries I am sorted and relaxed and moving freely again. I trust Trudi ? percent at whatever therapy after my consultation on what’s wrong b4 treatment begins snd I always come out feeling refreshed and moving a lot more freely. I travel a fair distance to get this treatment as it’s so worth the outstanding outcome everytime. Also Trudi tries to accommodate if she’s up my neck of woods by saving the journey for me by doing my therapy. Sorely missed when she moved further away but as j said never forgets her patients needs goes the extra mile and no ta let’s involved we should have more therapist like Trudi instead of hears a prescription of awful tablets h might u might not get addicted to when holistic is the way to go good work Trudi